Research Monitoring and Evaluation

Child Protection & Welfare Bureau has established the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Department for monitoring and evaluation of the services being provided to the destitute and neglected children. Research section has conducted a series of researches, surveys, case studies, demographic studies and situational analysis (on child-related issues) to achieve the expected goals and targets with reference to children's welfare. Based on the prior informative data, this section guides different sections in all possible ways in order to enhance the overall performance of the Bureau.

The section has the following objectives;

  • Analyzing performance of different sections of bureau on monthly basis
  • Monitoring and evaluation of all ongoing projects
  • Devising monitoring tools in order to supervise the staff of Child Protection & Welfare Bureau
  • Designing research proposals on child issues
  • Conducting situational analysis and case studies of destitute and neglected children
  • Developing liaison with research sections at regional offices
  • Providing research facility to different social sciences institutions