Temporary Custody (Adoption)

Process of Award of Temporary Custody

  •  Submission of application before the Presiding Officer, Child Protection Court, Lahore with all necessary documents.
  •  Preparation of Socio Economic Report of the applicant family by any Child Protection Officer.
  •  Scrutinizing of applications by the scrutinizing committee of the Bureau by interviewing the families.
  •  Submission of suitability report before Child Protection Court in order to facilitate the court.
  •  Entrustment of custody by the order of Child Protection Court.


1. Copies of National Identity Cards of the applicant-couple.

2. Copies of Foreign Identity cards / Resident permits of the applicant-couple where applicable.

3. Copy of Nikah Nama / Marriage Certificate of the applicant-couple.

4. Latest photographs of both husband and wife (Passport Size).

5. Copy of death certificate of the spouse where the applicant is a widow or widower.

6. Copy of divorce papers where the applicant is divorced or a divorcee.

7. Copies of Passports of the applicant-couple, where applicable.

8. Copies of Foreign Passports of the applicant-couple or any of the spouses in case of dual nationality.

9. F.R.C (Family Registration Certificate) of the applicant couple issued by “NADRA”.

10. Copies of Certificates / Degrees showing education of the applicant-couple.

11. Copies of Service Certificate / Service Identity Card / Salary Slip of the applicant-couple, where applicable.

12. Copies of documents of title of immoveable property (for example houses, shops, plots, agricultural land or any other building of any kind, etc., etc.) owned by the applicant-couple.

13. Copies of documents of title of moveable property (for example Cars, Tractors, motor-cycles, etc., etc.) owned by the applicant-couple.

14. Bank statement of last six months of the bank account maintained by the applicant-couple if available.

15. Copy of National Tax No. Certificate as well as copy of the last submitted income tax return, if available. 

16. An authentic medical report given by concerned consultant doctor showing that either the applicant-couple or one of the spouses is unable to conceive / unfit for reproduction due to some medical problem.

17. An affidavit on a stamp paper worth Rs. 20/- by applicant-couple that they are issueless and there is no hope left for them to have children of their own.

18. An affidavit on a stamp paper worth Rs. 20/- by applicant-couple that they are Muslims and believe that Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is last of the Holy Prophets (Peace Be Upon them) and Prophet Hood was ended with him (Peace Be Upon Him).

19. No Criminal Record Certificate From concerned SHO (Police Station).

20. An affidavit on a stamp worth Rs. 20/- by applicant couple regarding assurance of good livelihood and upbringing of the child.

21. An affidavit on a stamp paper worth Rs. 20/- by Notables of the area regarding societal Behavior of the applicant couple.

22. All the documents be attested.



1. All the above mentioned documents must be in Urdu or English language. In case a document is written / executed in any other language then it must be accompanied by an authentic translation of the same either in Urdu language or in English.

2. If custody of the infant is given to the applicant couple for the purpose of adoption, Rs.10,00,000/- ( one million) shall be invested by the foster parents in name of the adopted child by purchase of Defense / National Savings Certificate, etc. or in any other form by permission of this court.