Family Tracing

The most important feature of this section is the reunification of the rescued children (kidnapped, run away, lost, missing and trafficked children) with their families and to make sure that these children are passing their lives in safe environment and are provided with all basic necessities along with education and vocational training as required.

Follow up section maintains constant touch with the parents (of rescued children), NGOs and other community organizations. Family tracing is a process to trace out or contact rescued child’s family. It is an activity carried out by Child Protection Officer for the purpose of locating parents or other relatives of a child under protective custody of CPWB. CPWB also traces the family for reunification in order to eliminate the child’s deprivation of separation from family. Family tracing involves different steps for tracing the families of child into protective custody. The officers contact families of children directly and also through print and electronic media.

The family tracing section has so far touched all the borders of the country through its activities and traced out thousands of families of rescued children. The process of family tracing is not an easy task as often officers have to burn the mid night oil during their endeavors, but the joy of reunion on the faces of both the parents and children acts as stimulant for their entire team.

The follow up section facilitates in the following ways in order to reunite the rescued children:

  • Sharing of information in the electronic and print media as well as through website
  • Sharing detail about the child with NGOs, human right activists and child protection committees in different areas
  • Correspondence with well-known opinion leaders, local councilors, teachers, etc.
  • Dissemination of information in all sub-office of CPWB