Psychological Counseling

Psychology deals with study of mind and observable human behavior.  The level of attachment in any relationship can be defined on the basis of expectations, behaviors and feelings. So it helps people to gain control over their feelings.
Destitute and neglected children are residing in Child Protection & Welfare Bureau (CP&WB) since 2004, most of the children belong to very illiterate, backward and slum areas having traumatic experiences with street history. Psychological counseling is provided to children and their parents (Family Counseling) both in individual and group form.
Many factors contribute in child's psychological disorder such as family structure, relationship history of parents, parenting practices, cultural context and experiences, child abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, verbal) and broken family.
In Psycho-counseling Section, child psychologist pays attention to their emotional, social, educational, development, vocational, health related and organizational concerns.

This section is dedicated to:

  • Facilitate personal & interpersonal functioning across the life span
  • Implement behavior modification techniques to deal with the child's dysfunctional thoughts
  • Provide problem solving assistance to children and families
  • Eradicate the underlying contributing factors of behavioral issues in children
  • Build trust
  • Deal with child's fears, anxiety, anger, stress and disruptive behavioral problems

Family Counseling

Parents play an important role in child's personality and self-grooming as a guardian, educator, painter, and a friend. In family counseling, special attention is paid to the interpersonal relationships with child, among parents and with siblings. Psycho-education is provided regarding adequate parenting skills, communication and parenting styles for trust building and positive parenting to strengthen parent-child relationship.

"Richness should not only be measured by money; you can also be rich by your habits, dealings, values vision, commitments and good discipline."

Prime objectives of family counseling are enlisted below:

  • To discuss the pros and corns of authoritarian styles of parenting
  • To highlight the successful parenting practices for rearing children in current social set up
  • To throw the light on the issue of disturbed family set-up due to communication gap among parents and children
  • To strengthen the relationship between parents and children
  • To bring change in thinking and dealing patterns for the development of child's emotional, educational and physical as well as psychological well-being

Management Plan

Each child is different and unique due to his/her own personality and characteristics; their issues are also different due to underlying factors and severity level. Child Psychologist applies different techniques for psycho-counseling to deal with their aggressive mood, difficult temperaments, frustrations, anxiety, stress, anger and for crises management.