Chief Minister


Our children are our future and the government of Punjab is committed to provide bright future to our children. Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, built for destitute and neglected for their protection and rehabilitation by the Government of Punjab, is providing health, education and shelter facilities. Through Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, the Government of Punjab is funding for rehabilitation of beggars, runaway, needy and abused children.

Provision of health, education facilities, conducive environment to the children is our manifesto and to fulfill our dreams, the Government of Punjab is focusing on child health and education. We are committed to make our future generation self-reliant through education and training. Under the leadership of Chairperson, Child Protection & Welfare Bureau is playing a great role and would continue its efforts in the future as well to ensure that our children may become useful citizens of the country.

Ms. Maryam Nawaz Sharif



In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, it is indeed an honor for me being the Chairperson of this socially responsive organization. It is the need of the hour that actions are initiated to benefit and promote the welfare of the children who are in compromised situation. Pakistan is a signatory to the child right Commission of United Nations and I am proud that Punjab Government is moving in the right direction with a will to achieve the permanent goal of protecting child rights. It is uncompromising in its quest to provide requisite care and protection to children in Punjab and assist the other provincial Government. It is not only supporting education, health and nutrition but rights of children are also recognized.
There is some crucial legislation needed. This concern is an important part of the struggle undertaken by my department as we strive to enhance our ambit, jurisdiction and reach to benefit countless unattended children. Our primary aim has been to reunify rescued children with their families as no institution can replace a Mother’s warmth and a Father’s affection. For others who have no one in this world but us, together we will have to make this world a better place for them to live in, full of hope and infinite possibilities. I am all praise to my motivated team at CP&WB for responding to this great cause with dedication. Investing in children is one of the best investments we can make. I request all to share the cause. May Allah bless us all.                                                                                                                                                                  

       Sarah Ahmad (MPA)

Secretary, Home Department


Child Protection & Welfare Bureau is not only a rescue service now but has become socially responsive organization for providing help to the Destitute & Neglected Children. I must say that it is not an easy task to keep the children off the road but Child Protection & Welfare Bureau has become ray of hope for such vulnerable children to turn into educated, cultured and successful part of the society.
I must give credit to the Director General Child Protection & Welfare Bureau who along with dedicated and motivated team officers and staff made it possible in providing best services to the destitute and neglected children. The Government of the Punjab is fully committed to serve vulnerable children and is supportive to the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau as it has already proved to be effective organization for protection of the rights of destitute and neglected children.  I appreciate the efforts of Bureau and pray that may Allah Almighty give us courage and strength for the protection and rehabilitation of such children. Amen

Shakeel Ahmed Mian 



Director General


The wealth of a nation is not so much in its economic and natural resources but lies more decidedly in the quality and intellect of its children. It is the children who shape the destiny of a nation and determine its role in the world. I joined this organization as Director General to do something substantial and worthwhile for the most vulnerable children in the society and avert the hardships they face in the form of violence, abuse and exploitation. Quite recently, the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau has become a symbol of protection for child rights and welfare of the rights of destitute and neglected children and I feel proud to be a part of this socially responsive Organization.

Our religion teaches us to treat the young with care and affection. Pakistan is a signatory to the UN Convention for the Rights of Children, and as such it is our duty to safeguard the rights of children and their future. We endeavor to achieve the goal of protection, rehabilitation and welfare of the destitute and neglected children and utilize infinite potential of energy, capability and enthusiasm of these children and direct it towards an appropriate direction.

May Allah grant us courage to selflessly serve these marginalized and destitute children who need our care and guide us to train them in a constructive way for nation building. 



Aftab Ahmad Khan