Industrialization and urbanization shapes into the scenarios of civilized historical world, which causes a number of social evils, problems and spreads depression further resulting in social injustice and exploitation of human rights.

By taking a glimpse of the history of civilization, we find that each war, famine and natural calamity has killed millions of children. For those who survived, the future remains dark for them.

The First World War and Second World War killed millions of innocent people most of whom were children. These and other wars not only victimized but made them helpless orphans. This has not only created catastrophe in human society but also made the future 'unsafe'.

For a vision of a secure future people all over the world have been fighting for the restoration of peace, human right and social justice. In order to protect children from harm, devastation and crisis, the world community has been continuously  working for the rights of the children. If we go back through our history of civilization, religion and philosophy, we will surely find different concepts for the protection of children and their childhood.

The Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child, 1924, UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child 1959, the commemoration of International Year of the Child (IYC) 1979 and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 are some of the commitments made by the international community for the protection of children.