Message from Chairperson

Sarah Ahmad


Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, Punjab


In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. It is an honor for me to be Chairperson of this esteemed organization. It is our duty to do everything in our power to promote the welfare of destitute and neglected children throughout Punjab. I feel that this is a daunting task, yet very rewarding at the same time. 

Children are our assets and a most vulnerable segment of our society. Protection of children is a responsibility of the state. The work done by Child Protection & Welfare Bureau in this regard is highly sensitive and challenging. We strive to eradicate child beggary, child abuse and domestic violence against children. This is the only government department rescuing destitute children and working to eliminate violence against children. 

I want to engage all segments of society and all stakeholders for the protection of child rights in Punjab, and implement reforms that will have an ever lasting impact on this province. 

This department, operational in the divisional headquarters of Punjab not only provides food and shelter to children who are destitute and neglected but also provides them education, rehabilitation and vocational training so that when they exit the Bureau, they can be independent and can be accomodated into the social fabric. Lost children are re-unified with their families after necessary intervention and rehabilitation by our psychologists.

With the support of our honorable Chief Minister, my aim is to expand this department to all 36 districts of Punjab. Investing in children is one of the best investments we can make. I request everyone to support us in this cause. May Allah bless us all.





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