Abdullah S/O HameedUllah Registration number: Rwp-3486/1
Date of Arrival: 07-11-15
Referred Place:Helpline/ ICT Police
Residential Address:  Afghanistan
IbrarAhmed S/O Muhammad Younas
Registration number: Rwp-3895/16
Date of Arrival:  01-04-16
Referred Place:Help Line/ PS Airport
Residential Address:  N/A
Ali S/O Chaudry
Registration number: LHR-252/16
Date of Arrival:04-04-17
Referred Place:Shifted from CPI,Faisalabad    
Residential Address:  N/A
Ali Hassan S/O Faizan
Registration number: LHR-640/15
Date of Arrival:05-10-16
Referred Place:Shifted from Head
Office Lahore
Residential Address:  N/A
Waseem S/O Abdul Rehman
Registration number: Lhr-713/12
Date of Arrival: 22-06-14
Referred Place:Shifted from Head
Office Lahore
Residential Address:  Sargodha
Rizwan S/O Nokiaz
Registration number: LHR-834/15
Date of Arrival:  12-01-16
Referred Place:Shifted from Head Office, Lahore Residential Address:  N/A
Bilal S/O Aslam
Registration number: FD-219/15
Date of Arrival: 04-04-17
Referred Place:Shifted from CPI, Faisalabad    
Residential Address:  N/A
Allah Rakha S/O Unknown
Registration number: Rwp-2891/14
Date of Arrival:05-11-14
Referred Place:Rescue Operation / Pirwadhai
Residential Address:  N/A
Basoo Khan S/O Abbas
Registration number: Rwp-3416/15
Date of Arrival:    20-10-15
Referred Place:Help Line / Railway
Police Helpline
Residential Address:  N/A
Usama s/o Haider Khan
Registration number: Rwp-4163/16
Date of Arrival:  28-06-16
Referred Place:Help Line/ General Public
Residential Address:  N/A   
Maan S/O Saleem
Registration number: Rwp-4168/16
Date of Arrival:  30-06-16
Referred Place:Help Line / Police Station CanttResidential Address:  Islamabad    
Muhammad Zubair S/O Bakshoo
Registration number: Rwp-4328/16
Date of Arrival:27-08-16
Referred Place:Helpline / Police
ChowkiRainyal, PS Saddar
Residential Address:  N/A
Amir S/o unknown Asad s/o Juma Khan Ayan s/o Saeed Bilal S/o Aslam
Imran s/o Sami Ullah Mohsin s/o Unknwon Qasim s/o Ali Shah Rizwan s/o Nokhaiz
Surqeem so Unknwon unknown S/o unknown Zubair so Bakhshu