Our Stories



Tanveer Babar
Today, I am shining like a star but I had a terrible past, where my father died and mother started begging. I had four brother and two sisters. All the family members had split to unknown places. I was rescued by the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Team. I was afraid but I find home like place where my broken soul find peace and the healing process (rehabilitation) started. I miss my family bonding but I am satisfied by my living in the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, whom not only saved me from being victim of cruelty on streets but also given me family life style. I have high hopes and ambitions. I want to be a productive part of society and want to become an n engineer.  I am very happy here as I find the staff of the bureau like my own family. The atmosphere of the Bureau brought confidence and self esteem to my personality.

  Babar Siddique
I am an eye opener for the society. The Bureau gave me mission and vision of life. When I gain consciousness, I find my sister with me and my parents not alive. After sister’s marriage. I was brought to the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, where I got my identity. This place taught me the importance of life and gave me a new look. I am studying in class 10th and recently I got first position in 9th class. I am ambitious to learn and make other realize our identity as productive citizen. I find ample time for studies, co curricular activities and healthy company of friends. Our Chairperson (Mama gi) gives me care of a mother and the staff of the bureau is like my family. I want to join Army and want to serve the nation. I am thankful to the Bureau, whom gave me insight to become a healthy human being and nurture me positively.