Our Stories

  Amna Gul
My name is Amna Gul and i am 18 years old. I have been part of Child Protection & Welfare Bureau for the last 10 years. I lived with my family but now i don’t know anything about my family. One day I was going somewhere with my family but unfortunately I was lost from my family. Since then I have been living here in Child Protection & Welfare Bureau. It was new place for me but soon I got adjusted with the friendly environment provided to the children here at Child Protection & Welfare Bureau. I made many friends here.
I got new dimension of my life at Child Protection & Welfare Bureau. I started studying at Child Protection School but it was difficult for me to study here as I am unable to speak and listen. So, I got admission to the school of special education where i felt more comfortable. With special efforts and concerns of our Mama (Chairperson Child Protection Bureau), I managed to got 857 marks in my matric exams. Its credit goes to Chairperson and Director General Child Protection Bureau whose efforts and prayers made me able to get success in my life. I want to become teacher in future life. Sometimes I miss a lot my family at the beginning but this Bureau has provided me family environment. Child Protection & Welfare Bureau has proved to be a great blessings of Allah Almighty not only to me but to many children like me residing here at Child Protection Bureau. It is my wish to be part of Child Protection & Welfare Bureau throughout my life and I will always pray for Mama (Chairperson) and Director General.

My name is Ansar and I am 13 years old. I have been living at Child Protection & Welfare Bureau for the last 10 months. I lived with my parents in a village and I was few years old when my father died. My mother got married to my uncle and they both worked in lands of Landlord of the village. The landlord brought me to Lahore where his wife and children were living. I started working at their home. I used to work from dawn to dusk without taking any rest. They used to give me very little to eat. They also beat me severely without any reason. I could not share this with anyone because there was no one whom I can talk. One day landlord accused me stealing Rs. 1000/- and tortured me severely and also put burnt vessel on my back and broke my teeth as well. I shared this to one of my neighbours who informed Child Protection & Welfare Bureau. The Rescue team of Child Protection & Welfare Bureau raided and rescued me from there. They treated me with great care and love. I met Chairperson who was very polite to me and called doctors for treatment of my wounds. She called my parents but I refused to go with them and started living at Child Protection & Welfare Bureau. Now I am studying at Child Protection School and I am very happy here. I am very thankful to Child Protection & Welfare Bureau who gave me new life.

  Umme Rubab
My name is Rubab and I am 12 years old. I belong to a poor family due to which I have to start work at very little age. I started working to a rich family of my village who brought me to Lahore where they lived. They had two little kids and I have to work from morning till late night. They gave me very little to eat and they also used to beat me for no reasons. One day the lady owner beat me severely on the complaint of her daughter that I snatch her book. She beat me so hard with water pipes.My whole body got wounded and my eyes got swelled so much that I could not open my eyes. Luckily one of neighbors heard my cries when lady owner was beating me. He informed Child Protection & Welfare Bureau and they came to the house in the evening. Child Protection & Welfare Bureau recovered me from there in a very critical position along with police. I told whole story to the Bureau official. They brought me to the office where I met Chairperson who gave me motherly affection and love. She also called the doctor immediately for medical treatment. They were all kind to me. I felt it be my home. They informed my parents as well. I remained at hospital for few days but after that I preferred to live at Child Protection & Welfare Bureau in stead of my parents. Now I am living and studying at Child Protection & Welfare Bureau who gave me new life. I am very happy at Child Protection & Welfare Bureau.
My name is Sumera and I am 7 years old. I lived with my father and step mother who used to beat me. One day my mother and father told me that I am going to be married with my cousin who was 25 years old. I did not know what is marriage and on that day I wore new clothes and also made mehndi designs. Everyone was happy but I did not know what was going on. I told this to my friend who told it to her parents. In the meanwhile police raided and arrested my father, Khizar bhai (groom) and other relatives. I went to police station from where I met Child Protection & Welfare Bureau team who brought me to the Bureau. I came to Child Protection & Welfare Bureau and I met Chairperson and many children. They all treated me very well and I made many friends. Now I am living here and I studying in school. I am very happy and thank to Child Protection & Welfare Bureau who saved my life.




Tanveer Babar
Today, I am shining like a star but I had a terrible past, where my father died and mother started begging. I had four brother and two sisters. All the family members had split to unknown places. I was rescued by the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Team. I was afraid but I find home like place where my broken soul find peace and the healing process (rehabilitation) started. I miss my family bonding but I am satisfied by my living in the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, whom not only saved me from being victim of cruelty on streets but also given me family life style. I have high hopes and ambitions. I want to be a productive part of society and want to become an n engineer.  I am very happy here as I find the staff of the bureau like my own family. The atmosphere of the Bureau brought confidence and self esteem to my personality.

  Babar Siddique
I am an eye opener for the society. The Bureau gave me mission and vision of life. When I gain consciousness, I find my sister with me and my parents not alive. After sister’s marriage. I was brought to the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, where I got my identity. This place taught me the importance of life and gave me a new look. I am studying in class 10th and recently I got first position in 9th class. I am ambitious to learn and make other realize our identity as productive citizen. I find ample time for studies, co curricular activities and healthy company of friends. Our Chairperson (Mama gi) gives me care of a mother and the staff of the bureau is like my family. I want to join Army and want to serve the nation. I am thankful to the Bureau, whom gave me insight to become a healthy human being and nurture me positively.