Frequently Asked Questions


What topics are covered by Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Information Gateway? Top

All topics related to child welfare, child abuse and neglect and adoption, including:

  • Family-centered practice
  • Preventing child abuse and neglect
  • Responding to child abuse and neglect
  • Adoption
  • Out reach services
  • Rescue operation

Rescue operations were conducted by child protection officers and police squad. They have targeted places assigned by the competent authority. They move on official vehicles followed by police squad on allocated areas, observe children activities on traffic signals, bazar and if any child is found begging, the team rescues child. The team also spreads awareness at the spot and distributes brooches.

What is law for street children?     Top
CPWB is working under the Punjab Destitute and Neglected Children Act 2007.  
What is the age limit of child for rescue operation?                                                Top
The child must be under 15 years of age. 
What are the other sources to rescue a child? Top
We have helpline 1121, through which anyone can inform us about any child who is in trouble. Others sources are our Open Reception Centers, police, hospitals and NGOs.  
What is meant by custody of the child? Top
When the child rescued by the Child Protection Bureau then the legal custody within 24 hours is must, according to the PDNC Act 2007.                
Do you provide psychological services? Top
Yes, we have professional trainers and clinical psychologists who provide psycho-social counseling services for better adjustment in the surroundings.
Do you have medical facilities for these children? Top
Yes, we have fully equipped medical section and best medical facilities are provided there. If the child is in critical medical condition then he gets best medical treatment in the government hospitals, with a good follow up by our medical section team.
Do you have children under 5 years of age? Top
Yes, we have separate rooms for children who are under 5 years, with best facilities.
Do you have infants in the Bureau?
Yes, we have special nursery with trained staff for infant babies.
Do you have mosque? Top
Yes, we have mosque in our all Child Protection Institutes in which religious education is provided.
Do you have school? Top
Yes, we have school inside the premises of the Bureau from play group to 5th class and children go to high school in outside government schools and colleges. We are trying to give best academic services  to these destitute and neglected children.
What is follow up and family tracing services? Top
It's a section working for tracing address of children so that children who are lost or run away are sent back to their home.