Name:Sunys/o unknown
(Deaf & Dum)
Reg No:3268/12
Date of Arrival:22/4/12
Referred Place:Cantt P/S
Name:M.Ubid s/o Asif
Reg No:4122/14
Date of Arrival:7/8/2014
Referred Place:Nighban Center
Name:Nasir s/o Shano(MR)
Reg No:4573/15
Date of Arrival:12/6/2015
Referred Place:Edhi Home
Name:T.T s/o unknown
(Deaf & Dum)
Reg No:4575/15
Date of Arrival:12/6/2015
Referred Place:Edhi Home
Adress:Edhi home Multan
Name:Chandi  Shah s/o Shahbaz Shah
Reg No:4619/15
Date of Arrival:15/7/15
Referred Place:P/S Mumtazabad
Adress:Head No Bahar Multan
Name:Shahid s/o Shoiab(MR)
Reg No:4629/15
Date of Arrival:30/7/15
Referred Place:AC Kotaddu
Name:Waris s/o Unknown  (MR)
Reg No:4871/15
Date of Arrival:12/11/2015
Referred Place:Rescued from Cantt Market
Name:Mohsin s/o Unknown
Reg No:5197/16
Date of Arrival:14/4/16
Referred Place:Edhi Home
Name:Khan s/o Unknown
(Deaf & Dum)
Reg No:5263/16
Date of Arrival:25/4/16
Referred Place:Petroleum Police Kabirwala
Name: Ahmad s/o unknown
 (Deaf & Dum + MR)
Reg No: 5320/16
Date of Arrival: 25/5/16
Referred Place: Police Station Fatah PurLayya
Adress: N/A
Name: Ali s/o unknown
(Deaf & Dum)
Reg No: 5659/16
Date of Arrival: 21/12/16
Referred Place: Railway Police
Adress: N/A
Name: Akbar s/o Punno
(Slow Learner)
Reg No: 5710/17
Date of Arrival: 30-1-17
Referred Place: Shifted from Lhr
Adress: N/A

Name: Ali  s/o Rashid
Reg No:6796/18
Date of Arrival:26/12/18
Referred Place:N Block Near Lorry Ada Arif Wala
Name: Awais s/o Muneer
Reg No:6789/18
Date of Arrival:19/12/18
Referred Place:lari adda Multan
Shahid s/o Shoaib Ubaid s/o Asif
Unknwon s/o Unknwon Unknwon s/o Unknwon Unknwon s/o Unknwon