How Can You Help

In the current scenario of Pakistani society where child abuse and neglect remains a common issue; to respond a child in need of care, their protection and prevention from abuse and a timely assistance was required. Thus, a-four digit helpline was initiated by the Bureau. You can help any child that is at risk by contacting on 1121. Child helpline provides timely assistance, guidance, awareness and support to the abused and to the children at risk. It provides essential rescue services to destitute and neglected children 24 hours a day. The different ways of contrbuting towards this cause are as follows:

Provide Funds

You can help a child with the help of funds. The Bureau and each child protection institution shall establish a fund to be known as destitute and neglected children’s fund. The fund shall consist of all moneys received from any source by the bureau or a child protection institution, as the case may be, for the control, care, protection and rehabilitation of destitute and neglected children. 

Title of Account:   Destitute and Neglected Children 
A/C No:   PLS 2262-3
Branch Code:   0002
Bank:   Bank of Punjab

Provide Items

You can help a child with following items/ goods:

  • Machinery (water cooler, heaters, geysers etc)
  • Furniture
  • Clothing/linen items (01-18years)
  • Sports items, etc.

Spend Time with Kids

You can help a child by spending some time on special occasions with them and by providing different services like teaching, counseling, cooking, backing, etc.