Child Protection Courts

Child Protection Courts (CPC) have been established under section 22 of the Punjab Destitute & Neglected Children Act, 2007 which provide that the Government may, by notification, establishes one or more Courts under this Act for local area.  

Function of the Courts

The Government appoints Presiding Officer of the courts established for the purpose of this act in consultation with the Lahore High Court. Until a court is established for a local area, the Lahore High Court may confer powers of the Court for a local area upon a sessions Judge or an Additional Session Judge. The Child Protection Courts perform the following functions under the provisions of Punjab Destitute and Neglected Children Act, 2007:

1.    Legal custody of destitute and neglected children.                                             
2.    Reunification of Destitute and neglected children with their families.
3.    Trail of cases registered under this act.